Empowering women to have a more natural, less medicated birth experience.


What is a Doula?



The role of a Doula is someone who offers continuous support to the mother and her family throughout her pregnancy,

labour, birth and postnatal period.

Doula's fully understand the emotional and physical needs of the mother and are able to offer information enabling you to make informed choices for a better labour and birth experience.

Doulas were historically the female family members who supported and encouraged the expectant woman through the delivery

as well as the weeks following the birth of her baby.

In modern times we often live away from our families making this support network harder to access,

Doulas help provide this emotional support that we as women often lack in modern society.



Birth Doulas;


Hiring a Birth Doula will provide you with emotional, physical, non-medical support during labour and birth.

This has been proven to enable the mother to have a more positive birth experience easing the stress and unpredictability of labour.

Doulas do not replace the father/birth partner; they support them, enabling them to be a better source of support to the mother. Watching your partner give birth can become scary at times;

she may seem to be struggling with the sensations of labour and you may not know how to deal with this.

A Doula will support you to find the ways to help her through the labour by suggesting positions for you to suggest she try,

they help you to remember the birth plan and remind you of the choices you both agreed on.

Maybe the labour is not going how you though it would; having a Doula will give you both reassurances that all is well.

Have you thought about when/if you need to take a break, go to the toilet, get a drink or something to eat?

A Doula will be there so that you can be reassured you are not leaving your partner alone.

Midwives have shift changes and other women to support, this means, through no fault of their own,

they cannot always give you the emotional support you both need when you need it.

Doula's do not have a shift pattern and will be there throughout the labour and birth supporting you both;

no matter how long it takes.

A Doula can offer information, as well as open up lines of communication between mothers, partner, midwives and Doctors,

they help you remember the birth plan as well as your hopes and desires for the birth of your baby.


Your birth experience will have a long lasting effect on all involved; you owe it to yourself to ensure it's the best it can be.

Having a Doula present at the birth of your baby will empower both mother and father/birth partner

enabling you to have a more relaxed,

natural, less medicated labour and birth experience.



Postnatal Doulas;


Postnatal Doulas offer emotional support as well as practical help during those early weeks and months,

whether it's light housework, making you lunch and drinks, shopping or looking after baby so you can have a well-deserved nap

or soak in the bath, safe in the knowledge that your baby is being well looked after.

Often as a new mom you don't need to hear more advice

sometimes all you need is an ear to listen, a hand to hold and a heart ready to understand.


The presence of a Doula from early onset of labour has proven to result in;


60% reduction in epidural requests,


50% reduction in caesarean sections,


40% reduction in oxytocin use,


40% reduction in forceps deliveries,


30% reduction in pain relief,


25% shorter labour.


Report; Mothering the Mother by Kennel, Klaus and Kennel



You owe it to yourself to hire a Doula!


Just as a womans heart knows how to pump, her lungs to inhale

and her hand to pull back from the fire...

So she knows how and when to give birth!







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