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Lovely testimonials from some of my clients;



Debbie is brilliant, and has provided me with excellent support since the birth of my baby. She was able to attend one of my Hypnobirthing classes where we bonded really well. I felt confident she could provide me with the support I wanted and I could relax in her company. She also helped me to put together my birth plan, and provided me with lots of helpful information re birth etc and afterwards. Debbie was invaluable at supporting me with my Hypnobirthing birth that I had planned, she has gone above and beyond what I would have expected; She is also very knowledgeable in what she does and is an excellent Doula. - L from Dudley



Deb was an invaluable with her support, when I returned from hospital she was there to undertake general household chores like washing, ironing, cooking etc. things which I would have struggled with having just had a C-section.

Deb's support is not only the physical support of having someone to help you but it is also the emotional support and reassurance and guidance that she provides too. She was someone to talk to for not only me but also for my husband when he had questions or concerns. I would definitely use Deb again and have no hesitation in recommending her services to others. I firmly believe that if more women had the support of a postnatal doula there would be a lot less postpartum depression and a lot less stressed out new parents.

H from Kinver



Meeting you before sharing one of the most momentous events in our lives with you helped us to get to know you more first. It was great to share our ideas and get an idea of your philosophy on birth, you had some good suggestions and was really helpful when it came to putting together our birth plan.

It was during the birth that having you around really paid off. I was a bit apprehensive about calling so early in the morning but you was good humoured nontheless! It's surprising how much the practical things that we hadn't thought of before helped, like you being able to sit with me whilst hubby walked the dog and did his paternity handover notes. Having you there gave us the confidence to stay at home that bit longer. During the birth it was great to have you by our side, with three shift changes it would have been easy for us to feel pushed from person to person. It was really important for me that my husband didn't feel alone during the birth, with me doing hypnobirthing this would have been quite easy. Again it was the practical things that really helped; the chocolate, the endless glasses of lucozade, the pouring hot water on my back for hours on end! When I was having a crisis of confidence you knew when to encourage me and when to retreat so that my husband could 'have a word'! My husband and I are both in agreement that we had a fantastic birth expereince and that was thanks in no small part, to your presence. Nor did your support end when we left the hospital, your calls, texts and visits over the next couple of weeks really helped me to feel I was finding my feet. This was particularly so as I had such trouble breastfeeding. It was nice to have someone who'd been there telling me that I was doing ok. Now that we have used a doula, I can't imagine doing it any other way! - V from Halesowen



Early in my pregnancy I felt that I would like to have some support for myself and my partner as we did not have much of a family circle around us. I learnt of Debbie's work through a leaflet and I instantly decided that I would like to have this kind of support and help. As soon as I met Debbie I knew she was the Doula for us and I am very happy with my decision.

My pregnancy did not progress as I wished it because I had to have a planned caesarean section for medical reasons, it really helped me to deal with this situation by having Debbie there with her support and insight. It was also very helpful for my partner to have someone to ask questions and turn to, an attentive, listening, understanding 'outsider'

I also believe that it greatly improved my birth expereince in a hospital enviornment that Debbie was there throughout as a personal one to one support on the day of my caesarean section.

I am very greatful for the wonderful encourgement with breastfeeding at the beginning that set my son and myself on an amazing journey together, we are still breastfeeding beyond his first birthday! - B from Wordsley



Debbie is one of the lovelist people I have had the pleasure to meet! She shared a personal time with our family and felt like we had known her for years, her warm, caring nature coupled with her vast knowledge of birthing, pre and post natal care provided us with excellent support.

We had various battles to overcome with healthcare providers who were unsupportive and often dismissive of our wishes in relation to the birth we were trying to experience - nothing too quirky, just a home birth!

Debbie provided up to date references for research and access to information which enabled us to make informed balanced decisions. As my first birthing expereince wasn't the best she helped ease me anxiety and gave me the confidence to stand up for what I believed to be the best for me, my body and my child - I can never thank her enough for that. She supported me emotionally before, during and after the birth, she provided impartial non-judgemental advice, she held my hand when I had stitches, she made tea, she held my beautiful newborn daughter so I could bathe, she even helped clean up after a wonderful homebirth - she was fabulous!

Should we be blessed with more children I hope Debbie will be by my side, I cannot imagine giving birth without her!

N from Solihull









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